četrtek, 20. december 2012

Essence - Elves Like Lilac

I finally got the nail polish that I wanted from Essence Fantasia LE. It's called Elves Like Lilac. It's a beautiful purple color with small shimmer. The application was easy, I used 2 coats. The only problem was, that I couldn't capture the right color. It's darker than it looks on pictures.
I also added Depend - 280 on my tips. This one looks so beautiful in the bottle, but on my nails it doesn't look so well. I'll try it with some other nail polish to see if it will look better then :)

Did you get anything from Fantasia LE? :) 

5 komentarjev:

  1. Love this polish and love that you added some glitter on the tips

  2. Vijolične lake je zelo težko pofotografirati, vedno izgledajo bolj modri na fotkah. Všeč mi je glitter na konicah. :)

  3. Beautiful polish! Love glittery tips :)