četrtek, 31. januar 2013

Catrice - Dance in Gion (Neo Geisha LE)

I feel so good today, it's so warm and sunny outside, it's like spring is already here! :)
I found a full display of Catrice Neo Geisha LE the other day and I bought only one thing. One nail polish, because nothing else caught my eye.
It's called Dance in Gion. Gorgeous purple with small shimmer, opaque in two coats.

Do you like this limited edition? Did you get anything from it? :)

torek, 29. januar 2013

A few manicures..

Hi girls!
I'm back. I had and still have a few exams and I took a break from blogging. :)
Of course I always took time to polish my nails, not as often as usual, but still :D
Here are manicures that I wore while I was "away":

 Essence - Ice Eyes Baby (Crystalliced LE) + Essence - Pool Party
 Manhattan - 10 (Winter Pearls)

Catrice - Mona Lisa is Staring Back + Konad image plate m81

Now I'm going back to study.
Hope you will have an amazing week and to all my fellow students out there, I wish you a successful studying month :)

Slovenian Bloggers 3/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Zala from Mostly Nail Polished tried fan brush nail art.

Moonchild did a beautiful pastel splatter.

Polish can glow in the dark! Check it on Katiee's blog.

Essence released Hugs & Kisses. Taya wrote about it ...

and the two Matejas too.

Soul Fishing's newest obsession: Bib Necklaces.

And pumpkin* did a nude & glitter mani.

ponedeljek, 21. januar 2013

Pictures of the Week #2

In the beginning of the week everything looked so beautiful, so much snow everywhere.. But after a week this has to stop! Too much snow and low temperatures for me. Spring, where are you? :)

 Freshly squeezed orange juice. So good!

A few days ago I found our Taro with his new friends :D

Latest manicure on the "other" hand. :)

That's how my nights are gonna look like for a month now. Not good. 
 I visited my parents yesterday and I took my little sister sledding. I haven't done this in ages! So much fun :) Of course, Gaj came with us too ;)
Having donuts for breakfast <3

Hope you had a great week!

sobota, 19. januar 2013

Essence - Iced Latte + Max Factor - Angel Nails

just a quick post, before I go to bed, with an update of what I'm currently wearing on my nails :)

I used: * Essence - Iced Latte (2 coats)
           * Max Factor - Angel Nails (2 coats)  

I don't wear often nude nail polishes and I don't know why. I like this one, it's a bit different from what I usually have on my nails. Do you like nude nail polishes?

četrtek, 17. januar 2013

Catrice - Heavy Metallilac

I am studying at the moment and I just had to take a break and do something for my blog :P
Today I have for you a nail polish from Catrice called Heavy Metallilac. It's a gorgeous metallic purple color with lots of pink shimmer. The application was perfect and I used 2 coats. I wore this nail polish a few days ago and I know that I kept looking at my nails, because I liked it that much :D

What do you think? :)

Slovenian bloggers 2/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Read about books that change your life on Deja's blog.

Nuša has enough of winter and calls for spring with a mani!

Colorful Harmony upgraded her Essie disappointment

Want to see how cute bows can look on nails? Click on Katiee's blog! 

Pumpkin* shows you how to do a jewellery box by yourself.

Matejas started with something new of their blog. Sometimes you just have to babble

Maja has an answer to your every excuse

Do you love blue nail polishes? Check the one on Zala's nails!

You watch Once Upon a Time, don't you? Then you'll like Taya's new post.

torek, 15. januar 2013

Fan brush nail art

How are you all doing today? :)
At first, I painted my nails with one of my favorite nail polishes and then I saw this technique somewhere and decided to try it myself. It very simple. All you need is a base nail polish, a fan brush and another nail polish. I only used one, but you can use as many as you want.

I used:
* Essence - Forget-me-Not (Blossoms etc.. LE) (2coats)
* Essence - Bloom-a-Loom (Blossoms etc.. LE)
* fan brush

Have you tried this technique? Do you like it? :)

nedelja, 13. januar 2013

Pictures of the Week #1

I decided to start showing you pictures that I take during the week. I am always taking pictures, so I was thinking why not share a few of them with you :)

Goodbye my old phone..

                    ..hello new one!

Starting my day with my favorite mug and coffee :)

I won my first giveaway on Maja's Beauty Blog! Yeey :)

Goodbye Christmas tree..

My favorite pullover at the moment. So warm and cozy (and cute too). :)

I made chocolate chip cookies with Benji's recipe. Yummy!

It was snowing this morning and it looked beautiful, even though I don't like snow. :P

I've been walking dogs at animal shelter in Maribor for a few months now. Here are some of them. The upper one is Dona, on the left is Toro and right is Odor. Aren't they just adorable? There are so many dogs and cats there that need home, so if you are thinking of getting a dog or a cat, always consider to go to animal shelters first. Or maybe if you have any time they always need volunteers.

Well, these were the pieces of my week. What were you doing this week? :)

četrtek, 10. januar 2013

Slovenian bloggers 1/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers wrote about in the first week of 2013? 

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Taya looked back at 2012.

And the two Matejas did the same.

Nuša got some nice things in December.

Zala wrote about her December favourites.

There were some New Year's eve manis. One from pumpkin* ...

and another one from Colorful Harmony.

What does Maja think about New Year resolutions?

Check how tiger nails look like on Katiee's blog!

Soul Fishing was rocking it!

And Deja gives you the recipe to an amazing year or life.

sreda, 09. januar 2013

Essie - Mezmerised

Today I am showing you a beautiful creme nail polish. Definitely my favorite blue at the moment. The application was great, I only used 1 coat. It's such an awesome shade. Not too dark, not too light. It's something in between and just gorgeous! :)

Which blue nail polish is your favorite? :)

ponedeljek, 07. januar 2013

Pink Hearts

I am wearing something that I showed you before on my blog, but those two Opi nail polishes are just too cute to be only shown once :)
I used: * Opi - If you Moust you Moust (2coats)
           * Depend - 031 (1 coat)
           * Opi - Nothin' Mousie 'Bout it (1 coat)

What do you think? :)