ponedeljek, 31. december 2012

Happy New Year!

like I promised yesterday, here is my New Years manicure :)
I used: 

* Deborah Milano - Burlesque Red (as a base color),
* Essence - Sparkling Silver with saran wrap,
* Essence silver glitter from Moonlight collection with nail art brush for nail tips.

I wish you all an amazing, beautiful, awesome, healthy, happy, sweet and successful New Year!


nedelja, 30. december 2012

Golden Glitters #2

I made a manicure that could be worn on New Year's eve. I am not completely satisfied with it, but anyways, here is what I used:
                              * Catrice - Star of the Show (Welcome to Las Vegas)
                              * Essence - My Sparkling Acrobat
        - for stamping: * Konad image plate m72
                              * Manhattan - 10 (Winter Pearls)

I'll show you tomorrow what I'll wear on New Year's eve, so stay tuned! ;)

petek, 28. december 2012

Essie - Bahama Mama

today I am showing you the first Essie that I got. This one is definitely my favourite :)

   Essie - Bahama Mama (2 coats)

Do you like this one? :)

četrtek, 27. december 2012

Something new :)

Hi ladies!
How are you today?
I decided to show you what I got for Christmas from my boyfriend, since is related to my blog. :)
I never thought that he would bought me this. But here it is:

 I am always blabbing about how much I like Essie nail polishes. I know that I was also telling him which one I would like to have, but I never ever imagined that he even remembered those things :D So he bought me a gift bag with 3 nail polishes: Sew Psyched, Chinchilly and Wicked. He also bought me 2 more: Mezmerised and Bahama Mama.
 And since it's festive time I am adding a picture of the cutest lights that I got last year from my aunt in Switzerland. Aren't they just adorable? :)

I guess you'll be seeing a lot of Essies in the future, hope you're fine with that ;)

torek, 25. december 2012

Merry Christmas :)

Hello! :)
I'm sorry I was away for a few days now. I've been sick and didn't feel like writing at all. I mostly slept all the time. I'm better now, which means I'm back :)

It's Christmas today, so I wanted to show you what I'm wearing on my nails.
I used: * Essence - Bloom-a-Loom
           * Catrice - Forget-Me-Not
           * Striping tape
           * Essence image plate 

 I hope you are all having a wonderful day, full of happiness and peace and that you are surrounded with the people you love!

                                 source: weheartit.com

četrtek, 20. december 2012

Essence - Elves Like Lilac

I finally got the nail polish that I wanted from Essence Fantasia LE. It's called Elves Like Lilac. It's a beautiful purple color with small shimmer. The application was easy, I used 2 coats. The only problem was, that I couldn't capture the right color. It's darker than it looks on pictures.
I also added Depend - 280 on my tips. This one looks so beautiful in the bottle, but on my nails it doesn't look so well. I'll try it with some other nail polish to see if it will look better then :)

Did you get anything from Fantasia LE? :) 

sreda, 19. december 2012

Slovenian bloggers 50/2012

What have Slovenian bloggers been up to last week? 

Maja started her first giveaway.

Nuša's first Christmas mani, Foxy and new header.

Deja did a beautiful butterfly makeup.

Pumpkin* did a Christmas mani with Rudolph.

Let It Snow mani by Katiee.

Zala showed us what she wants for Christmas.

A black and white mani by two Matejas.

Taya did a review and showed us swatches of duochrome Missly Next Generation eyeshadow.

Soul Fishing is hosting her first DESIGUAL giveaway!

Depend - 6004

I'm so busy these days, I hardly find time for my computer and for blog :)
Here's a quick update of what I'm currently wearing:

 It's Depend - 6004 from Magnetic collection. I bought this one a while ago, but never tried it. I will wear it without magnetic effect too, because the color itself is just wonderful. Here I used 2 coats, but you could easily go with only one. As you can see, the magnet was also okay.

Do you like magnetic nail polishes?

nedelja, 16. december 2012

Golden Glitters

I made another holiday manicure, but this one is more for a New Year's eve :)

I used: * Essence - Hunt me if you Can (Vampire's Love TE)
           * Catrice - Star of the Show (Welcome to Las Vegas LE)
           * Essence pigment - A Piece of Forever (Breaking Dawn TE)

Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!

sreda, 12. december 2012

Catrice - Rest in the Forest

I recently found a full rack of Catrice Siberian Call LE. I was quite disappointed with nail polish colors, they were nothing special, nothing that I don't have in my stash. Only one stood out and it's called Rest in the forest. It's a light brown color with multicolored shimmer from purple, blue to white and so on. It looked beautiful in the bottle. But then I was disappointed again. It took me 3 coats for coverage and I think I could still use one coat more. And here is the trick - it looks so much better on pictures, I couldn't believe it! That's the nail polish that I want - the one on the photos :D
So here they are:

Did you get anything from Siberian Call LE? :)

Slovenian bloggers week 49/2012

Here's what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week: 

Taya started with her Christmas manis

Nuša - Moonchild did a great review with earthy makeup look.

There's a giveaway on pumpkin*'s blog - it's her first blogoversary!

We had snowflakes outside and there were some on Zala's nails.

Two Matejas travelled for 12 hours for this guy

Colourful Harmony showed us Bourjois Fuchsia Hype.

Another beautiful mani from Katiee.

Maja tried fitness outside.

torek, 11. december 2012

Another Christmas Wishlist

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette I don't think that I have to explain why I want this one :)
2. Revlon Lip Butter I would love to try this, to see if it's worth the hype :)
3. Michel Mercier detangling brush I have Tangle teezer now, but because it doesn't have a handle, it keeps falling off my hands, which is a big no no!
4. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm They look so cute and sweet :)
5. Nars blush So many beauty bloggers are raving about this one for so long, but it's quite expensive and that's why is on my wishlist for so long.
6. Sigma f80 flat top kabuki brush I need this or Real Techniques one, because I need something for my foundation routine.

What's on your wishlist this year? :)
Do you maybe have something from my wishlist? What do you think of them?

ponedeljek, 10. december 2012

Essence - Berry me Home

Hi everyone :)
Today I would like to show you a nail polish from Home Sweet Home limited edition, that I bought some time ago. It's a beautiful dark red color, covered in 2 coats. Then I stamped a design from Konad plate.
I used: * Essence - Berry me Home
            * Essence - Stamp me! Black
            * Konad image plate m60

And since this manicure is red, I'm adding an advent wreath that I made this year, with red candles :)

Do you have an advent wreath at your home? Do you make it or do you buy it? :)

sobota, 08. december 2012

Catrice - After Eight

Today I have a very beautiful nail polish to show you. I am normally not into green shades, but this one had to be an exception. It's a dark green color with small shimmer. Everything went smooth and I used 2 coats.

Isn't it gorgeous? :)

četrtek, 06. december 2012

Slovenian bloggers weeks 47 and 48 in 2012

So what have Slovenian bloggers been up to in the last two weeks?

Urša posted something about English food on Mateji ustvarjata blog. And Matejas showed us how beautiful Munich is.

Katiee had velvet nails.

Taya showed us one of her favourite nail polishes and compared blue polishes.

Deja shared her Lasik eye surgery experience

Maja showed us what difference 100 days make. And she got snowboarding equipment.

Pumpkin made two manicures.

Zala did a ombre manicure and a beautiful first EOTD.

Evelina shared feshnteka.

Colorful Harmony started preparing for Christmas manis!

Lora Stella didn't know what to expect from her new room-mate.

Nuša - Moonchiled did a first empties post!

Soul Fishing showed us some pictures from Zagreb.

sreda, 05. december 2012

Manhattan - Babelicious + Essence - Glitterastic

I am still wearing the snowflake manicure, I just don't want to remove it, because I really do like it :) 
So today I have a manicure that I wore a few days ago.
I used: * Manhattan - Babelicious (Hands up! LE) - 2 coats
            * Essence - Glitterastic (Crazy Good Times TE) - 1 coat

I am very much into glitters lately, don't know what's happening to me, I want to wear glittery manicures, when I go to a drugstore I want to buy glittery nail polishes... :)
Do you like glitters on your nails?

ponedeljek, 03. december 2012

Snowflake manicure

yesterday was snowing all day and I just had to do a manicure resembling that :)

I used: * Base color: Depend - 031
            * Stamping color: Essence - Gleam in Blue
            * Stamping plate: Konad m59
            * Glitters: Essence - Prince Charming (Snow White LE)

I can feel the Christmas spirit already, everything is white, the Christmas lights are all around the city... It's just beautiful :)

Have a great week!

nedelja, 02. december 2012

November favourites 2012

Bourjois - effet 3D (I love this lip gloss, it lasts quite some time and smells amazing.)
Max Factor - 2000 Calorie mascara (I got this one in a gift package that I showed you last week and I love it. I remember that I bought this one a long time ago, but I didn't like it. Now, is definitely my favourite.)
Afrodita - liquid hand wash vanilla (my favourite hand wash, I discovered this a while ago and since then I've been using only this; the smell of vanilla is amazing, very rich and strong and I love it!)
Schwarzkopf - Gliss  Hair repair (I usually use this one during summer, but my hair ends has been so dry lately so I'm using it now and I think that it helps me.)
Urban Decay - Ammo Shadow Box in Sin (I've been loving the past months only one eyeshadow from this palette and been using it almost every day.)
Depend - 031 (I was looking for a great white nail polish for so long and I think I finally got it! I've used it and it's great, it's not streaky and you need 2 thick coats to get full coverage.)
Essence - Into the Dark Vampire's Love TE (I kind of forgot about this one through the year and I'm not sure why, because the color is beautiful.)
Opi - Avoplex cuticle oil to go (I love it because is the only one that I can carry with me and when I travel somewhere, because the other one that I got is leaking and I can only have it at home.)
Max Factor - kohl pencil (another thing that I got in a gift package and I love it. I lasts all day and does not leave me with "panda" eyes.)

What have you been loving during November? :)

petek, 30. november 2012


I would like to share with you a make up that I am currently wearing and also something that am wearing very frequently :) There's nothing special about it, just something that I wear on regular basis.
This is my first time of taking pictures of my eye like this, so please be gentle with me :)
I must admit that it's quite hard if you want to capture everything :)
Oh and I'm sorry that my eyebrows are they way they are, I was in a hurry this morning and 
didn't have time :)

Products that I used:
* Essence: I Love Stage eyeshadow base
* Sleek: Storm palette
* Max Factor: kohl pencil (020 black)
* Max Factor: 2000 calorie mascara

What do you think? Do you like EOTD posts? :)

Have a great weekend!

četrtek, 29. november 2012

Christmas wishlist (nail polishes)

A lot of girls are doing their Christmas wishlists and I decided to create one too :)
Since December is almost here I would like to share with you nail polishes that are currently very high on my wishlist.

1. Essie - Bahama Mama
2. Nicole by Opi - All is Glam, All is Bright (Kardashian Kolor Holiday Line)
3. Opi - German-icure by Opi (Germany)
4. China Glaze - It's a Trap-eze! (Cirque Du Soleil - Worlds Away)
5. Nails inc. - Pudding Lane Sprinkles
6. Essie - Beyond Cozy (Winter Collection 2012)
7. Orly - Be Brave (Flash Glam)

That's it.. This was my first wishlist, it was fun making it, so I'll probably create some more :P
How about you? Did you make any Christmas wishlists? :)

torek, 27. november 2012

Glitter & hearts

I'm back :) It has been so hectic lately and I didn't find time to blog at all!
Let's go to the manicure that I am currently wearing:
I used Essie - Mint Candy Apple (2 coats). Then I added Essence - Hello Holo and I stamped some hearts with Essence stampy designs plate.

I love Essie nail polishes and their brush is my favourite. :)
Do you like those nail polishes, what do you think of them?

četrtek, 22. november 2012

Slovenian bloggers week 46/2012

So what have Slovenian bloggers been up to last week?

Tina showed us her outfit.

Nuša - Moonchild did a lovely manicure in her twin post with Taya. 

Katiee* did a moustache manicure!

Zala tried saran wrap manicure.

Two Matejas were a little nostalgic.
And Maja did excellent with her 7-day challenge