ponedeljek, 23. julij 2012

Catrice - Colour Bomb (Revoltaire LE)

I bought this and one other polish from Revoltaire limited edition from Catrice, but never tried it.
I don't think I missed so much. It's a coral color, nothing special. I used 2 coats of it and then I added a butterfly from Essence stampy plate. All in all, it's a cute summer color :)

Do you like that kind of colors? :)

petek, 20. julij 2012

Small Beauty Haul + Inspiration Quote

I went to a drugstore today, because I needed some things and here is what I got:

Garnier Fructis style haarspray (Needed a new one.)
Aok regulierendes waschgel mit tee & ginseng-extrakt (I heard some good things about this one, so I decided to give it a try.)
Dusch Das - Wild cherry (I love Dusch Das shampoos, they are cheap and they smell good.)
Lavazon Sonnen spray (I decided to try something cheaper this year and it's also paraben free.)
Revlon Colorstay (my favourite foundation.)
Catrice - Defining duo blush Peach Sorbet (Those blushes will be discounted, so they are only 1,99€.)
Catrice - Heavy Metallilac (It was always sold out, but not today! Yaay!)
Essence - Stampy designs 2x (are those two plates new? I'm not quite sure, but I didn't see them the last time I was there.)

Because I am feeling down for a past few days (bad news just keep coming) I would like to share with you my favourite inspiration quote. I saw it a while ago in one of JulieG videos on youtube and I loved it. I just need something like that in my room so that I can look at it whenever I'm not in a good mood to cheer me up.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

četrtek, 19. julij 2012

Depend - Ocean Blue + Essence - Pop Pastel Blue

It's so sunny outside these days, so I had to put a holografic polish on my nails again.
I used Depend - Ocean Blue (Holografic) and Essence - Pop Pastel Blue (Show your feet) and then I drew some strikes on my thumb and ring finger.

Have an awesome day!

sreda, 18. julij 2012

Catrice - Welcome to Roosywood + Konad plate m73

I haven't used konad in a while now, so I decided to do something with it.

                                                                   I used:
Essence studio nails 24/7 nail base,
Catrice - Welcome to Roosywood (2 coats),
Konad plate m73 with Essence stamp me! black,
Misslyn 60 sec top dry coat.

And that's the result:

ponedeljek, 16. julij 2012

Recent hauls

Sales are on right now so I went and bought a few things.

Mint shorts - H&M (10€)
Lace shorts - Zara (22€)

Lace dress - H&M (10€)
White mini purse - Clark (4€)

Esprit wedges - Humanic (70€)

 I went to DM and bought 2 Depend holografic nail polishes in Ocean blue and Raspberry.
I also got a package from Ebay:
Black belt - 0,99€
Bowknot ring - 1,09€

How about you? Did you buy anything on sales?

nedelja, 15. julij 2012

Catrice - Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K + Depend - 220

I had Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K so long on my shelf, but I never tried it before. It was very easy to apply and I only needed one coat.
Then I decided to add Depend - 220 on my tips.

And I finally got a new camera so I needed to try it out a little. It's still not perfect, but I will eventually learn :)

This nail polish is so hard to picture. I just couldn't get the right color. It's darker than the upper one and almost the same as the second one.

sobota, 14. julij 2012

Opi - Minnie Mouse Collection

I loved the Minnie Mouse Collection from the moment I saw that Opi will release them. I bought 2 of them. If you moust you moust, becase it's such a beautiful pink color and Nothin' mouse 'bout it, because I don't have anything like that in my stash.

If you moust you moust is very easy to apply and it's a one coater :)

Here I added Nothin' mousie 'bout it, which was a little hard to apply, because the hearts are quite big and they just didn't want to come of the brush.

How do you like this collection of Opi? Did you get anything?

Essence - Sleepy + Essence - Glorious Aquarius

When I first head that Essence will have a limited edition called Snow white I was very excited. I loved Snow white when I was a kid and I still do :)
I bought some of the polishes, that were waiting for me on the shell.
Today I would like to show you my favourite. It's Sleepy. (2 coats)

I also added Essence - Glorious Aquarius on my thumb and ring finger.

P.S. I will be getting a new camera soon, because with this one the pictures are just.. well, not good :)

petek, 13. julij 2012

Depend - Lavender (no. 2031)

Depend finally released a holografic nail polishes and they are available in Slovenia! How exciting is this :) I went to DM drugstore and got 2 of them. Today I will be showing you number 2031 and it's called Lavender. I have to say that I am really impressed, because I have one Nfu Oh holografic polish and the Nfu Oh one is so hard to apply. I always have to put 3 or 4 coats, but it still leaves strikes and it lasts on me for only 1 day before it starts chipping. But Depend one is so much better. No strikes and it lasted 3 days (which is quite a long time for me).

I also got number 2029 which I will show you next time (and maybe some others because I'm sure that as soon as I get to DM again I will buy more of them :))

Have a great weekend!

sreda, 11. julij 2012

Opi - Pedal Faster Suzi

I've decided to show you one of my current favourite nail polish from Opi. It's from their Holland collection and it's called Pedal Faster Suzi. It's such a beautiful light pink color with silver shimmer. The only minus is that I needed 3 coats for full coverage (I prefer 2 coats).

Have a great day,


Hello everyone!

Here I am, (finally) making blog about nail polish. I've been wanting to do this for so many times, almost 2 years now, but I always hesitated, I just couldn't find time and courage to do it.
Of course, there are so many of them these days, but why not at least try?
I will be mostly writing about nail polishes, maybe make up and some other things that are happening in my life or I find them interesting.
That will be it for this very first blog post.
Oh and I almost forgot to introduce myself:
Hi, my name is Zala and I am addicted to nail polishes. :)