nedelja, 03. marec 2013

Essence - That's What I Mint!

it has finally arrived! Spring weather with lots of sun, I'm so happy all the time, goodbye winter and snow (I hope). :) Now let's go to the nail polish:
I realized the other day, how many mint shades I have, but hey, you can't never have to much mints right? :D They are all gorgeous :)
So this one is from Essence new sortiment and in the bottle it looks like it has some shimmer, but it doesn't. It's a classic creme nail polish, nothing special. I used 2 coats. Then I used some silver glitter from new Essence nail art decoration kit on my middle finger. They didn't last long, as soon as I went to shower, they fell off.

Do you like mint shades? :)

petek, 01. marec 2013

February Favorites 2013

1. Misslyn 60 sec top dry top coat (the best top coat that I have tried so far. It's dries super quick and it lasts quite some time.)
2. Essence lipstick in 02 I'm sailing (50's girls reloaded LE) (My all time favorite lipstick, but I don't use it very often, because I don't want to finish it up. If anybody knows a dupe for this one, please let me know.)
3. Essie - Mesmerized (I wore this nail polish a lot this month, every time I don't know what to put on my nails, this one pops on my mind :))
4. Essence - I love stage eyeshadow base (I have tried many primers, but this one is great. It's amazing for it's price.)
5. Maybelline Dream Lumi touch concealer (I finally found a perfect concealer for my skin. I also wrote a review about it. You can read it here.)
6. Labello lip butters (Vanilla & Macadamia, Raspberry Rose) (The greatest discovery of the month. I became obsessed with those two, they smell amazing, are moisturizing and they help me with my dry lips.)

Have you tried any of these items?
What do you think of them?

Slovenian Bloggers 8/2013

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Yes! Green clouds can exist! On Taya's nails. 

Ohh, this must be yummy! Maja's Vegan Chocolate Cake with Kiwi. 

Konad is never out of fashion, Katiee's nails are a proof!

Soul Fishing shows the best beauty picks for spring 2013. 

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Colorful Harmony is saying goodbye to a Catrice product.

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And we end with another tag - from Lux.

sreda, 27. februar 2013

Essence - Prom-Berry

as you probably know, Essence released new spring/summer products. I grabbed a few nail polishes in Muller. The first one that I decided to try is called Prom-Berry. It's a dark purple with small shimmer, which is almost not visible, at least not in those weather conditions. It probably looks even better on the sun.
It's actually a very beautiful color and you know what? It's a one coater :) I used two coats, like I usually do.

Did you get any new things from Essence?
What do you think of this nail polish?

Giveaway Winner

as you may know I had a giveaway on my blog and now it's time to announce the winner.

The giveaway winner is:


Congratulations! :)
I will contact you through e-mail.

nedelja, 24. februar 2013

Blue with Bling Bling

how are you doing on this Sunday? :)
Yesterday I bought the new decoration kit from Essence and had to try it out.

For a base I used Essence - Pop Pastel Blue (2 coats). It's such a beautiful shade, I think I should wear it often.

Here it is:

Have a nice Sunday! 

četrtek, 21. februar 2013

Review: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer

I'm always looking for the perfect concealer, because of my dark under eye circles, acne and red blemishes. So I decided to try Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer, because I heard some great things about it.

It comes in a plastic stick with a brush on the end. There are 2 available shades. I have the lighter one called Ivory (01). As far as I know, this concealer is not available in Slovenia. I bought it in Bipa (Austria). It costs 9,99€.

When I first put it on my skin it looked kind of dark, but when I started blending it with my finger it became very light, perfect for under eye circles. It has a great consistency, it's not too creamy or watery. It gives me a great coverage that lasts for almost all day. I always had concealer that got stuck in my fine lines, but this one doesn't. 

It's also great for covering acne and red spots. I always had problems with concealers, because when I have red spots and acne I always have dry skin and usually concealers made my skin even drier, but this one goes fine with that and my skin doesn't look dry at all.

Overall I think it's a great product. Actually the best that I have tried so far. It gives me a great coverage and the consistency of it is just perfect.

Have you tried this concealer yet? Did you like it?
Which concealer is your favorite? 

Slovenian bloggers 7/2013

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Katiee did an orange and nude leopard manicure.

Deja did a dramatic neutral makeup.

Check this Valentine's day mani from Uniqua Poly.

Wanna learn how to make rice souffle?

Maja G. got a new fragrance.

Another recipe! This one is by Lollistick.

Maja chose her 2012's favourites

Taya tried her Fleur de Sante products.

Check Essie's Too Too Hot on Zala's page. 

Mateja did a zombie mani by accident. And is babbling again.

Have you heard of iPotty before? iStant writes about it.

ponedeljek, 18. februar 2013

Framed nails

how are you? I'm not so fine today, I have a terrible cold, that has been messing with my plans for this week. Hope I'll be okay soon. :)
I wanted to do something with dots, since I haven't done it in a while. And of course I had to try my new nail polish :)
I used: * Base: Essie - Play Date
           * Dots: Depend -031, Catrice - Heavy Metallilac

Hope you're having a great evening!

sobota, 16. februar 2013

Pictures of the Week #4

My mom bought me this on Valentine's day. I love love love this chocolate. So good!

Snow covered our little fence. I can't remember when was the last time that this happened. Too much snow lately :)

I always have to have a reason to buy myself something and since it was Valentine's day I treated myself a little :)
Fall in love with Essie set, Maybelline Lumi touch concealer and 2 Labello lip butters. Lip butters are amazing, my biggest and greatest discovery of the month! I also bought one for you, my lovely readers. Check it here. :)

My boyfriend and I visited his parents today. Their dog Leks has gotten so big, he looks like a wolf. He's the craziest dog that I have ever met :D 
At least he's enjoying the snow :)

Memories from my childhood. 
I did this for dinner the other day. So good :)

My honey bought me this for Valentine's day. All the things that are my favorite. Orchid, Essie nail polish, chocolate and skittles <3 
He is the best :)

We were at my friends house the other day and we played Beavis and Butthead Bunghole in One. :D
 Do you remember this game? I know we used to play this one years ago :)

   Another Valentine's manicure.

četrtek, 14. februar 2013

Essie - Too Too Hot

Today I'm showing you my newest addition to my nail polish family :D It's a beautiful creme red nail polish.The application was great, I used 2 coats.


Happy Valentine's day! :)

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Moonchild did a Twin post with Marta - Valentine's cheetah print.

Maja Ena started with a new menu.

Colorful Harmony made Fleur de Santé Sparkling Pink polish look even better.

Katiee did a Valentine's Day mani!

If you're looking for an eyelash curler, Maja's post will be useful! 

iStant wrote about an interesting bug in OS X. Read it here!

Zala painted her nails with Alessandro Sacred Silver.

Lollistick has a giveaway!

And Deja has one too!

Going out? Dee has a night out makeup for you!

Wonder how Catrice Planet Tokyo looks like? Check on pumpkin*'s page.

Are you following your New Year's resolutions? Mateja is ... some.

Taya made the second Evil Queen look in her Once Upon a Time series.

And Lux ordered something from MUA!

ponedeljek, 11. februar 2013


I recently hit 50 subscribers. I know that you might think that it's not much, but I am very grateful for every one of you, so I would like to thank you in a proper way. I was planing to do this for a while now, but always kind of forgot, when I came to the drugstore. Now I finally went and bought a few things. Some of the stuff I already had at home and never used it. Everything is  new and unopened.
So here is a little treat that I would like to give you:

1. Max Factor - Hot Pink
2. Look by Bipa - Metallic Blue
3. Look by Bipa - Metallic Violet
4. Catrice - It's Rumbo no.5
5. Catrice - Beavis and Mud-Head
6. Fimo canes for nail art
7. Avon Planet spa masks
8. Stamping plate B09 from Tedi
9. Essence glitters
10. Labello Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose
11. Nivea peeling wipe samples

All you have to do is be my visible follower and write me a comment with your e-mail.
The giveaway ends on 24.2.2013 at midnight.

I hope you like it!
Good luck! :)

nedelja, 10. februar 2013

Alessandro Crystal Punk

Today I have for you the Alessandro set that I also bought the other day. This set was on my wishlist ever since I saw swatches. But it was a bit expensive. So I was even more happier when I found it in drugstore for 5€ only. :) It's called Blue Rocks the Club and it contains one black nail polish (which is a one coater) and one with blue flakies. 
Here it is:

What do you think? :)

četrtek, 07. februar 2013

Cupcake nails

Hi girls!
Today I have cupcake nails for you. I'm sure you are all familiar with them, but I just like this kind of manicures so much, I have done this a couple of times (before I started blogging). They are so cute and also easy to do. It's been a while since I have done this, so I can't really remember which nail polishes I used. I know that a base color is China Glaze - Aquadelic.

Hope you're having a great day!

Slovenian Bloggers 5/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Taya continues with her Once Upon a Time series and did a Blue Fairy make up and nail art.

Velvet blue hearts on nails? You can see them on Katiee's blog! 

Ulmiel received some products from Bioderma and all Slovenian readers can see how they can get them too!

Thinking of buying Tartre mascara? Read Maja's review!

Matejas started with Taya's Once Upon a Time challenge.

Zala was lucky enough to catch a Catrice Neo Geisha polish! Check which one.

Dee did a rosegold glitter mani, see how it looks.

Maja Ena is still continuing with her exercise, check her February calendar

Erika wrote about preservatives in cosmetics

Do you want to get something special for Valentine's day? Check pumpkin*'s giveaway!

torek, 05. februar 2013

Alessandro - Sacred Silver

If you saw my Pictures of the Week  post, then you probably know that I bought some Alessandro nail polishes. The first one that I have tried is called Sacred Silver.

Alessandro - Sacred Silver (2 coats)

Such a gorgeous color, I don't have anything like this in my stash.
What do you think? :)

nedelja, 03. februar 2013

Pictures of the Week #3

 I went to Müller and all Alessandro nail polishes were 50% off, so of course I had to buy something :D
I also bought Catrice - Dance in Gion.

I finally got what I wanted from Essence - Hugs and Kisses. Definitely the cutest limited edition from Essence :)

I love orchids, I have dozens of them in my apartment. I think they are the most beautiful flowers :)

My sister-in-law surprised me the other day  and bought me these cute unique earrings. Love them <3

Another great bargain of this week.
H&M + 2 bracelets + 1 shirt + 1 pullover = 12€ :D

Taya talked about in her post that Bioderma Slovenia is giving free samples so I got mine too. :)

Valentine nails. :)
Opi - Sparrow me the Drama and Konad image plate.

Hope you had a great week! <3

petek, 01. februar 2013

January Favourites 2013

1. Balea handlotion Sheabutter Vanille (I already have the raspberry one from this line and I received this one as a gift. It really helps my dry skin and it smells amazing!)
2. Manhattan eyeshadow Jet Set Jade from Luxopolis LE (One of the most beautiful shades that I own.)
3. Depend Myrrh oil (The only oil that helps my dry cuticles during winter.)
4. Balea Aqua feuchtigkeits serum (My skin on nose and cheeks has been really dry lately so I bought this serum a while ago. It's great! I didn't think that it would actually help me as much as it did. Amazing and cheap, what can be better? :))
5. Catrice - Mona Lisa is Staring back and
6. Essence - Iced Latte (After December madness with glitters and bold nail polishes, in January actually felt good having plain and nude nails.)
7. Milka Oreo (I had to include this one :) My sister gave this to me and I thought that I'm not gonna like it because I don't like Oreo cookies, but guess what - it's the best Milka I have tried! :D)

Have you tried any of these products?
What were your favourites of the month? :)

četrtek, 31. januar 2013

Catrice - Dance in Gion (Neo Geisha LE)

I feel so good today, it's so warm and sunny outside, it's like spring is already here! :)
I found a full display of Catrice Neo Geisha LE the other day and I bought only one thing. One nail polish, because nothing else caught my eye.
It's called Dance in Gion. Gorgeous purple with small shimmer, opaque in two coats.

Do you like this limited edition? Did you get anything from it? :)