sobota, 01. september 2012

Haul + Swatches (Essence pigments)

I went to Beauty world yesterday and bought a few things from Essence new sortiment.

From left to right:
Essence - Colour arts nail base (1,69€),
Essence - I'm Bluetiful, Free hugs, Ballerina's charm, Oh my glitter! (1,69€),
Essence - Kiss Care Love lipbalm (1,39€),
Essence - Colour arts mixing jars (1,39€),
Essence - Colour arts eye base (1,99€),
Essence pigments - Fairy dust, Cotton candy, Broadway starlet (2,69€)

Today I would like to show you swatches that I made with Essence pigments.
I swatched them on my hand without and with Colour arts eye base.
10 - fairy dust is a pearly white pigment with small glitter.
This one is my favourite.
Left - without base
Right - with base

11 - cotton candy is a pearly light pink pigment.
Left - without base
Right - with base

 04 - broadway starlet is a multicolored glitter, but I don't think that I will be using it on my eyes, because I don't like sparkly things on my face.
Then I swatched them on my nails with Colour arts nail base:
On index and middle finger - 11 - cotton candy (2coats)
On ring and pinky finger - 10 - fairy dust (2 coats)
I was quite dissapointed with those two pigments. As you can see they didn't cover my nails even.
There's just too much mess with them I don't think that I will be using them for my nails.
But.. I love 04 - broadway starlet (2 coats)! It looks awsome :D it's such a shame that there's no sun today (that's why I didn't bother putting it on all my nails, I want to save that for sunny days :D)

To sum up I'm quite satisfied with them. Fairy dust and Cotton candy will probably only be used on my eyes, can't wait to try them, so that I can see if they will last long on my eyelids. And Broadway starlet will probably only be used on my nails, but that's okay, because I don't have that kind of a nail polish in my collection.
* I didn't get lip base, because I'm not wearing lipsticks that often.
Did you get any pigments? How did you like them?
Are you using them on your nails, eyes or both?


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