nedelja, 09. september 2012

Essence - I'm Bluetiful

I have another new Essence Colour & Go nail polish to show you. They truly did amazing job with those new nail polishes in my opinion, they are great! The colors are beautiful, I love the application of those that I have, they stay on my nails for quite some time and they are almost all one coater (I usually put 2 coats, but it happens sometimes that I don't have time and those that are one coaters become really handy) :)

no direct sunlight
direct sunlight
I think this one really has the right name, it truly is Bluetiful :D
What do you think, do you like it?

3 komentarji:

  1. I agree, it's absolutely Bluetiful! :)

  2. Tale lak je super. Ga še nimam, ampak bo defenitivno zelo hitro moj, no, treba je še počakati, da si denarnica rahlo opomore od nakupov =)