četrtek, 27. september 2012

Catrice - George Blueney

I'm back. I was in Terme 3000 for the past few days, enjoying the last days before the college starts.

And of course I went to Müller in Murska Sobota, where I bought a few things:

Deborah Milano - Burlesque Red, Essence - Do you Speak Love?, Catrice - George Blueney, Catrice -Casablanca Hightlight's (eyebrow lifter).
Today I would like to show you this blue beauty from Catrice. It's from their new sortiment and it's called George Blueney. It's a beautiful metallic dark blue color with light blue shimmer in it.
Too bad there's no sun today, because I would love to see this blue shimmer sparkling in the sun :)
My pinky wants to go another way :D

2 coats, without top coat.
Catrice once again provided beautiful new colors and I can't wait to try some of them :)

3 komentarji:

  1. Nice haul! George Blueney looks amazing :)

  2. Super nakup. Lak je čudovit.
    Začetek jeseni je tudi v meni prebudil ljubezen do takšnih temnih lepotcev. :) Tega si bom morala pogledati še v živo, ker trenutno nimam ničesar podobnega.