petek, 01. februar 2013

January Favourites 2013

1. Balea handlotion Sheabutter Vanille (I already have the raspberry one from this line and I received this one as a gift. It really helps my dry skin and it smells amazing!)
2. Manhattan eyeshadow Jet Set Jade from Luxopolis LE (One of the most beautiful shades that I own.)
3. Depend Myrrh oil (The only oil that helps my dry cuticles during winter.)
4. Balea Aqua feuchtigkeits serum (My skin on nose and cheeks has been really dry lately so I bought this serum a while ago. It's great! I didn't think that it would actually help me as much as it did. Amazing and cheap, what can be better? :))
5. Catrice - Mona Lisa is Staring back and
6. Essence - Iced Latte (After December madness with glitters and bold nail polishes, in January actually felt good having plain and nude nails.)
7. Milka Oreo (I had to include this one :) My sister gave this to me and I thought that I'm not gonna like it because I don't like Oreo cookies, but guess what - it's the best Milka I have tried! :D)

Have you tried any of these products?
What were your favourites of the month? :)

2 komentarja:

  1. Jaz sem se kar nasmejala, ko sem videla, da si dodala Milko. Kul, meni je Milka najboljša čokolada. <3
    Tale Balein losjon je moj najljubši, a letos so ga prodajali samo v paketu s kremo za telo in te ne potrebujem. Upam, da pride kdaj spet nazaj v samostojno prodajo.

    1. Morala sem jo, ker je bila najboljše odkritje meseca :D
      Ja, saj v bistvu sem ga dobila s kremo za telo :) Tudi jaz upam, da bo prišla nazaj.