sobota, 16. februar 2013

Pictures of the Week #4

My mom bought me this on Valentine's day. I love love love this chocolate. So good!

Snow covered our little fence. I can't remember when was the last time that this happened. Too much snow lately :)

I always have to have a reason to buy myself something and since it was Valentine's day I treated myself a little :)
Fall in love with Essie set, Maybelline Lumi touch concealer and 2 Labello lip butters. Lip butters are amazing, my biggest and greatest discovery of the month! I also bought one for you, my lovely readers. Check it here. :)

My boyfriend and I visited his parents today. Their dog Leks has gotten so big, he looks like a wolf. He's the craziest dog that I have ever met :D 
At least he's enjoying the snow :)

Memories from my childhood. 
I did this for dinner the other day. So good :)

My honey bought me this for Valentine's day. All the things that are my favorite. Orchid, Essie nail polish, chocolate and skittles <3 
He is the best :)

We were at my friends house the other day and we played Beavis and Butthead Bunghole in One. :D
 Do you remember this game? I know we used to play this one years ago :)

   Another Valentine's manicure.

6 komentarjev:

  1. Where did you buy the Labello lip butters?

  2. Gres je bil ta teden tudi moja večerja. ;)
    Jaz pa Labelinih lip butterjev še nisem videla pri nas, moram naslednjič bolj pogledat. Ti je pa fant kupil zelo lepo darilo pa tudi sama si si krasnega privoščila. :D

    1. Tudi jaz jih še nisem videla, upam da čimprej pridejo, mi bo enega počasi že zmanjkalo :D ja, sem si morala malo privoščiti :)

  3. Cool post! I love Valentine's manicure :)