torek, 20. november 2012

Essence - Gleam in Blue + Essence - Wonderlicious Green


I have another manicure with striping tape, but this time I used it differently. I really like the striping tape, you can make so many different things with it, so many different patterns... I remember how it was like, before I bought those, I was always struggling with regular scotch tape and it never turned out great.
This time I used Essence - Gleam in Blue and on top of that I used Essence - Wonderlicious Green (Colour and Change)
There's nothing special about this manicure, but I like it exactly because of that. I think it's very simple and that's something that I want on my nails these days :)

                                        Essence - Gleam in Blue + Essence - Wonderlicious Green (1 coat)

Thank you for all your comments, they really mean a lot to me!
Zala :)

6 komentarjev:

  1. Preproste manikure so ponavadi najbolj lepe, ker super izgledajo na nohtih. Všeč mi je tvoj izbor lakov.

  2. I love how the colors looks together! I've also had a "struggling experience" with regular scotch tape before :)