sreda, 07. november 2012

Depend - Blue Heaven 2043 (Mirror Collection)

Depend released a new collection called Mirror. The collection includes 12 shades. Let's see what Depend has to say about them:

"Up to the minute and elegant at the same time! The new Mirror collection from Depend is a dream come true if you want to create the perfect metallic look. The polish contains a new type of pigment that gives the most fantastic metallic results."

First I would like to talk about the nail polish that I got. I decided to only get one, because I wanted to test one first and if I like it I'll buy some more.
They all looked beautiful in the bottles, but I went with the blue one, called Blue Heaven in number 2043. My expectations were not very high, I knew there won't be a total mirror effect, but I was hoping to get a decent metallic effect.
And I love it! The coverage is great, you only need one coat, but I used 2 coats. Everything went smooth, there were no problems with application. I can't tell you how long it lasted on my nails, because I painted it yesterday, but if you would like to know I'll tell you :)

Let's go to the pictures now:

 (2 coats, no top coat)

I love the metallic effect that it gives, I am actually not a big fan of metallic shades, but this one is amazing.
To sum up, I loved everything about it, the only downside is the price. This small 5ml bottle costs 3,45€.

Did you try the Mirror collection? Do you like it?

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  1. Wow, lepo!! Mene stekleničke niso prepričale, zato nisem vzela nobenega, ampak izgleda da bom po ogledanih swatchih vseeno kakega kupila =)

  2. Lep je. :)

    Jaz sicer ne spremljam Depend novosti, ampak očitno bi morala. Dopade se mi finiš, mogoče bi imela kaj takega v malo bolj zamolkli barvi.

    1. Finiš je res lep, se mi zdi da je še lepši tako v živo, kot na slikah :)

  3. Nisem vedela, da je ta kolekcija že pri nas. Moram malo pogledati, če se mi bo kaj dopadlo.

    1. Jaz tudi ne, sem včeraj bila v dm-u pa sem slučajno jih videla :)

  4. I really like how it looks on you! :)