ponedeljek, 21. januar 2013

Pictures of the Week #2

In the beginning of the week everything looked so beautiful, so much snow everywhere.. But after a week this has to stop! Too much snow and low temperatures for me. Spring, where are you? :)

 Freshly squeezed orange juice. So good!

A few days ago I found our Taro with his new friends :D

Latest manicure on the "other" hand. :)

That's how my nights are gonna look like for a month now. Not good. 
 I visited my parents yesterday and I took my little sister sledding. I haven't done this in ages! So much fun :) Of course, Gaj came with us too ;)
Having donuts for breakfast <3

Hope you had a great week!

8 komentarjev:

  1. o0o0 I love your mani!! Love how it's two colors!! Very pretty post love:)

  2. Pa ne da vidim slovnico, še ena slovenistka? :D Nas je res veliko med blogerkami. Kje pa študiraš (če nisem preveč radovedna)? :D

    1. Ja v bistvu nisem slovenistka, študiram prevajalstvo in imam polovico predmetov iz slovenščine :)